Chicken Nibbles

Chicken Nibbles is a funny cartoon book about what hens and roosters actually get up to on a daily basis, and how chicken-related words have entered Western culture and language.
This book is entertaining, informative, and very relatable. It has been written for backyard chicken-keepers past, present, and future by one who has survived that experience with all limbs still attached.

Each of the 54 high-resolution colour cartoons was drawn by award-winning cartoonist Mark Lynch, and each has an explanation, should you need it, of the finer points of the cartoon.

As Alanna Moore, author of Backyard Poultry – Naturally, put it in her review of the book, “You’re bound to have a cackle over Alan’s cartoons. You might even fall off your perch laughing!”

Warning: Some cartoons may ruffle feathers!

What Doggies Do

These cartoons are based on my observations of dog behaviour, the direct accounts of other dog owners and some dog-related expressions.
Other than a wish for this book to entertain, I hope it also has educational value for the reader.

An understanding of what dogs can do will help people know what to expect and how to better care for them.

Of course, each dog is different so the cartoons are only generalisations and some stereotypical behaviour is illustrated.

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